Collection: Cross Stitch Fabric

The colors and counts currently available to order vary based upon our base fabric supply, dye supply and demand. Production time is a minimum of 8-10 weeks, but may be longer. We do not guarantee a delivery date at this time, this is our best estimate. We will make every effort to fulfill your order as quickly as possible.

FABRIC SIZES: All fabrics are available in one-yard increments only. Pre-dyeing size for all fabric types is approximately 36 x 54 inches. Some shrinkage occurs during the dyeing process and may vary by fabric type. Please note that our aida fabrics are dyed from unsized rolls and therefore have a softer hand than Zweigart aida from the bolt.

COLOR VARIANCE: The swatches displayed are meant to give a general impression of each fabric color. Please keep in mind that various fabric mill batches, types and counts will take the dye differently. Higher count aidas may be lighter in color. Variation between dye lots is natural and part of what makes hand dyed fabric so unique and fun to use. We do our best to maintain dye lots, but variations should be expected.

2023 Market Releases (using Colour and Cotton as the suggested fabric):

  • 40 ct Tinsmith (Tudor Goat by The Blue Flower)
  • 40 ct Cottage Stone (The Glad Sun by The Blue Flower)
  • 36 ct Boardwalk (designer/chart to be announced)